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We help organizations and brands to build and communicate their sustainability strategy.

Our mission? to give meaning, direction and voice to these approaches that create positive impact.

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3 areas of expertise

Since 2010, we have been combining unparalleled sustainability-focused capabilities with unique behavioral change expertise to empower organizations and brands that wish to turn their challenges on sustainability into competitive advantage and successfully harness the power of a more responsible model.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Co-create ambitious commitment plans and make them resonate with all key stakeholders and target audiences.


Conduct a comprehensive review of your CSR policies whilst discovering what matters most to stakeholders.


Co-develop your company’s purpose and CSR strategy, assist you in the implementation of an effective CSR governance model and the identification of potential partners.


Develop your company’s multi-channel CSR communication strategy: storytelling, creative universe, communication channels (internal / B2B / B2C) and help you develop your sustainability reports.


Brand Corporate Social Responsibility

Co-create, develop and communicate committed brands’ strategies.


Review the competition and identify opportunities and risks regarding your key stakeholders.


Nurture your brand platform with your sustainability commitments, define your sustainable brand vision and crystalize it with a singular contributive battle.


Develop and implement your brand’s multi-channel CSR communication strategy through a dedicated storyline and brand universe.


Assist organizations that are committed to social change.


Develop with all involved stakeholders’ comprehensive programs from grassroot ambassadors to communication plans.


Experiment and co-create territory-based programs.


Define and implement evaluation protocols and critical analyses of the first experiments in order to optimize the scale-up phase.


We use methodological tools that allow us to reinforce the dynamics of CSR, brand CSR and behavior change development plans.

  • open lab

    ​Create an environment that enables open dialogue between all stakeholders, including consumers and influencers.

  • fab lab

    Co-create with stakeholders, using design thinking methodologies, and discover innovative and ownable pathways.

About us

Our capacity to combine technical sustainability expertise with marketing and storytelling skills is what makes us unique.

CSR engineers and marketing experts work hand in hand with our creative team to develop a sustainability strategy that will be powered by the best possible narrative and visual expression. Equally, wpride ourselves in being able to efficiently collaborate with a network of experts and freelancers who have shared our values and requirements for many years.

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Sandrine Raffin

Sandrine Raffin


Philippe Raffin

Philippe Raffin

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Laetitia Sartoris

Managing Director

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Isabelle Dona

Managing Director

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Thibault Sartoris

Artistic Director

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Siegrid Bourgois

Account Director

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Guillaume Grandjean

Engineer account manager

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Anne Rocca

Senior account manager

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Charlotte Fiche

Account executive

Mickaël Couto

Mickaël Couto

Engineer account executive

Making a positive contribution to society is an opportunity for companies and their brands to reinvent their model, redefine their relationships with their target-audiences and, above all, give a new meaning to consumption.


When it comes to social responsibility, today’s consumers expect a lot from brands ! In fact, they entrust them with the mission of making their own aspiration to be committed and have a positive impact become reality.


Giving your brand a sustainability approach means both giving more meaning to its consumption and more value to the brand, thus creating differentiation and seduction in the consumers’ eyes. By bringing education and transparency, sustainability changes in fact the very nature of the relationship between the brand and its consumer.


Today, building and sustaining a commitment approach is much more than a simple risk management or regulatory obligation for businesses: it is an opportunity to feed their strategy, to meet the expectations of their employees, investors and consumers, in short, to secure their future.


Giving a voice to those who act, showing their daily commitment, the passion that drives them, their know-how and their sincerity, allows us to see the humans behind companies and brands again. Embodying business is a prerequisite for any new form of relationship with consumers. It is essential to regenerate trust.


Helping companies transform themselves to develop virtuous business models whatever their industry, and communicate it to the world, that’s what’s exciting at LinkUp Factory!


Today, younger generations are in a perpetual search for meaning. This is reflected in what they buy but also in their work. At Linkup Factory, we want to embody and give concrete expression to this mindset by helping companies and brands strengthen their relationship of trust with consumers, based on solid and sincere commitments.


At LinkUp Factory, we have as many engineer-minded as marketing/communication-minded talents. This is our strength! This two-faceted expertise allows us to capitalize on a scientific approach to feed strategy consulting, but equally to know precisely how to reveal this strategy thanks to a real communication expertise! 


Our business is first and foremost to help companies and brands move towards better environmental and societal practices. There is nothing more rewarding than working with this positive change towards a more sustainable world in mind – completely in line with my personal values.


To LinkUp Factory, being part of a contributory approach has always been a driving force. This is evidenced by our B Corp certification, which recognizes the commitment of the entire team for a positive impact on society. Our sincere desire to progress, together with our customers and partners, is an incentive to go even further.



In the face of accelerating climate change and as we seem to reach the limits of the planet’s resources, we all have a role to play in igniting change. We all carry within us the capacity to contribute to building sustainable, equitable and economically viable lifestyles, production and consumption.

From consumer to responsible consumer, from business to committed business, from brand to contributive brand, a profound and positive transformation is possible… A transformation that the corporate world too must embrace by taking its part in designing the path forward to the sustainable well-being of our planet and humankind.

LinkUp Factory’s mission is to assist organizations of all shapes and sizes in this reinvention so that they can strengthen their social usefulness and become decisive players in the positive economy. An approach that should engage all internal forces with the aim of taking the commitment frameworks to the next level, with ambition and sincerity, whilst nurturing a positive, unique, legitimate and value-creating battle forth fighting for.

This is where our own battle lies: in being enablers of this accelerated transformation.